This list of adjectives contains 9947 adjectives listed alphabetically from A to Z.

What's an adjective ?

In English grammar, adjective's job is to qualify or modify or describe a noun. There are 3 types of adjectives: positive adjectives, negative adjectives and comparatives adjectives.

Adjectives can be modified by adverbs or by a clause or a phrase with similar role as an adverb.

Adjective order:
  1. quantity or number
  2. quality
  3. size
  4. age
  5. shape
  6. color
  7. proper adjective
  8. purpose or qualifier
Adjectives categorised by the type of attribute they describe:
  1. Appearance Adjectives
    adorable, beautiful, clean, drab, elegant, fancy, glamorous, handsome, long, magnificent, old-fashioned, plain, quaint, sparkling, ugliest, unsightly, wide-eyed
  2. Color Adjectives
    red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, black, white
  3. Feelings (Bad) Adjectives
    angry, bewildered, clumsy, defeated, embarrassed, fierce, grumpy, helpless, itchy, jealous, lazy, mysterious, nervous, obnoxious, panicky, repulsive, scary, thoughtless, uptight, worried
  4. Feelings (Good) Adjectives
    agreeable, brave, calm, delightful, eager, faithful, gentle, happy, jolly, kind, lively, nice, obedient, proud, relieved, silly, thankful, victorious, witty, zealous
  5. Shape Adjectives
    broad, chubby, crooked, curved, deep, flat, high, hollow, low, narrow, round, shallow, skinny, square, steep, straight, wide
  6. Size Adjectives
    big, colossal, fat, gigantic, great, huge, immense, large, little, mammoth, massive, miniature, petite, puny, scrawny, short, small, tall, teeny, teeny-tiny, tiny
  7. Sound Adjectives
    cooing, deafening, faint, hissing, loud, melodic, noisy, purring, quiet, raspy, screeching, thundering, voiceless, whispering
  8. Time Adjectives
    ancient, brief, early, fast, late, long, modern, old, old-fashioned, quick, rapid, short, slow, swift, young
  9. Taste/Touch Adjectives
    bitter, delicious, fresh, greasy, juicy, hot, icy, loose, melted, nutritious, prickly, rainy, rotten, salty, sticky, strong, sweet, tart, tasteless, uneven, weak, wet, wooden, yummy
  10. Touch Adjectives
    boiling, breeze, broken, bumpy, chilly, cold, cool, creepy, crooked, cuddly, curly, damaged, damp, dirty, dry, dusty, filthy, flaky, fluffy, freezing, hot, warm, wet
  11. Quantity Adjectives
    abundant, empty, few, full, heavy, light, many, numerous, sparse, substantial

As an interesting fact, you should know that famous Grammarians consider the following articles :"the," + "a +" "an" to be adjectives as well.